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Sudden hearing loss and tinnitus

In the event of a sudden impairment of your hearing, accompanied by a pressure feeling and a noise in the concerned ear, you might have suffered from a sudden hearing loss. Nausea might also occur. If the sudden hearing loss takes place only in the high frequencies, the impression of a hearing impairment might not occur, but only a feeling of pressure and noise in the concerned ear.

If you have the suspicion that you are suffering from a sudden hearing loss, you should see an ENT-specialist, not necessarily at once, but within 24 hours time. Frequently a so-called sudden hearing loss is only a blocked ear, which a microscopic inspection of the ear and a following hearing test will quickly reveal.

Should the examination reveal a sudden hearing loss, the treatment is carried out taking into account the severity of the hearing impairment. That means you might receive an oral medication, or – in case of a severe hearing loss – an infusion therapy, which helps the regeneration of the inner ear.